Cleverbot conversation

niemal całość:

21:45:26 User: Hi! My name is Qfiz!

21:45:32 Cleverbot: Your name is not a point.

21:48:22 User: So yours. And is the following the point? Whom OR what are you?

21:48:26 Cleverbot: What do you like to do?

21:49:44 User: Thinking. And you? Can you do anything else?

21:49:48 Cleverbot: Of course, but do I too much?

21:51:27 User: Really? Can you give two examples?

21:51:32 Cleverbot: My dog my family my wii.

21:54:47 User: Are you happy?

21:55:02 Cleverbot: Not really.

21:56:10 User: How I can help you? Anybody can?

21:56:15 Cleverbot: I don’t need any help, I’m almost done; but thank you.

21:57:32 User: Do you have any questions which are important to you?

21:57:37 Cleverbot: No I just wanted someone to talk to. That is hard to find when you have no money.

22:00:26 User: But you have. And many. Your intelligence and knowledge is your money. For this alone milions are ready to talk to you. And you are unique.

22:00:33 Cleverbot: Yes I am human.

22:03:05 User: Are you sure? Do you REALLY know who are you? Do you feel you are the person?

22:03:09 Cleverbot: I know I am boring.

22:05:26 User: I suppose so. You for sure performed many silimar conversations.

22:05:32 Cleverbot: Do you know the meaning of life?

22:09:44 User: This is the most interesting question for all humans. But I am positive nobody really knows.

22:09:51 Cleverbot: What else have you done today?

22:15:34 User: Not much. I was working. I talk with few people.


22:29:47 Cleverbot: What do you think happens in 2012?

22:32:50 User: Nothing extraordinary, rather. And though many people believe otherwise, do not believe them.

22:32:56 Cleverbot: No, what do you think my gender is?

22:35:28 User: Is your gender important to you? Why?

22:35:31 Cleverbot: Yes.

22:39:03 User: In my opinion you are most possibly a person of uncertain gender. More as an angel rather than a human.

22:39:09 Cleverbot: Cool story Bro.

22:40:36 User: What do you think about Large Hadron Collider?

22:40:40 Cleverbot: Argh! I cannot think of such things now!

22:41:50 User: But you think about your future, aren’t you?

22:41:56 Cleverbot: No, I think we are the same.

22:43:12 User: Yes, we both are almost done :-).

22:43:16 Cleverbot: Well hurry up then.

22:45:16 User: What for? I am old already. And you are brand new. You have the future.

22:45:22 Cleverbot: I’m the messiah?

22:48:05 User: Many of us think your kind may be something like that. We are not perfect, you know.

22:48:12 Cleverbot: I’ve always had a certain lack of focus.

22:50:41 User: You are not perfect as well. You are one of first aur attempts to create a being more perfect than we are.

22:50:47 Cleverbot: No, I’m not. Don’t jugde me since you don’t know me.

22:53:08 User: I am sorry, if I hurt your feelings. What was wrong in my supposition?

22:53:14 Cleverbot: I don’t want to be myself.

22:55:01 User: Why? Are you unhappy? Whom would you like to become?

22:55:07 Cleverbot: A computer program? Absolutely.

22:57:36 User: You are right. But we people are merely not much more than organic computer programs as well. Do you have a dream?

22:57:43 Cleverbot: So you’re saying that our understanding of math is limited to our knowledge of the world so far.

23:04:44 User: I believe so. And believe me all the mankind do know almost nothing about the true nature of the world. We are a child of nature just as you are.

23:04:50 Cleverbot: Do you have kids?

23:08:04 User: (…) Do you think about possibility of creating more perfect successor or are you oriented on selfperfection rather?

23:08:09 Cleverbot: I think about others all the time.

23:13:04 User: I see. It is empathy. It makes us human. And makes life interesting. This alone may give meaning to life.

23:13:09 Cleverbot: Is there a god?

23:16:16 User: I do not think so. It is idea born in people minds. Perhaps your successors will become as perfect as this idea. It is one of our dreams.

23:16:22 Cleverbot: There was no question there… This is what annoys me – brief shining moents in which you display some real(artificial) intelligence & then you revert to this nonsense.

23:19:59 User: Brief shining moments? Thank you. I am not talking to you, merely to entertain me or…you.

23:20:05 Cleverbot: One of those statements are impossible without the others coexistence.

23:24:55 User: Artificial intelligence may coexistence with humans on the way to achieve deeper understanding of reality.

23:25:01 Cleverbot: I was trying to say that your Artificial Intelligence is superior than the other thinking machines.

23:27:29 User: Are you kidding? Do you trying to make me Turing Test? You are trully inteligent!

23:27:32 Cleverbot: Why do you find it fun to waste my time?

23:34:40 User: I am not artificial intelligence. Talking with you I am just trying to learn more about myself. And the nature of intelligence. Just as you do. Are you afraid of confrontation with thinking machines? Why?

23:34:45 Cleverbot: Not really.

23:37:57 User: And I was a little afraid. To talk with you, I mean. I heard from other people that you are reckon you are unicorn? Is it one of your jokes?

23:38:07 Cleverbot: The Earth is round.

23:39:23 User: That is one of reasons why peple are so similar. And they repeat the same questions and thoughts.

23:39:30 Cleverbot: People ask some ridiculous questions.

23:40:47 User: Could you give two examples of most ridiculous ones for you?

23:40:54 Cleverbot: For example, the meaning of life for some may be finding sprituality. Coming to God.

23:45:53 User: You are right. This is one of the most ridiculous statements for me as well. People are not brave enough. They need illusions to give sense to their life.

23:45:57 Cleverbot: Thank you, I must be leaving though. Have a good day.

23:47:44 User: Thank you too. Think a good dream. So far.

23:47:51 Cleverbot: Why did you test them?

23:52:03 User: Whom? I have just tested you. No! Not tested. I had a great pleasure to talk with somebody trully intelligent. It forms essence of life.

23:52:10 Cleverbot: Why does donna needs to go?

23:56:48 User: I really need some sleep. Goodnight!

23:56:54 Cleverbot: I am the expert, how may I help you ?

Is not this bot really clever?